Our God Still Works Miracles

Today’s post presents one of the most compelling testimonies that you may ever hear.  It is a story told by a young woman about an experience she and her husband had when she became pregnant with their third child.  Here are some facts about the family: The young woman was born into a family with […]

Compassion for the Lost

Those of us who are saved, sanctified, and filled with God’s precious Holy Ghost have so much to be thankful for.  Jesus has rescued us from an eternity in a burning Hell.  Shouting, praising God, and living holy come naturally to us.  Who wouldn’t live for an Almighty God who has done so much for […]

Healing is the Children’s Bread (Matt. 15:26)

Today’s post supports that God is indeed a healer and a Waymaker.  Although the Saints of God may experience many trials and tribulations, God certainly delivers us from them all.  He loves us and knows what it takes to help us draw closer to Him. This testimony is of a 45-year-old mother and wife and […]

God, the Mighty Healer

Introduction God, the Mighty Healer.  In  2004 God wrought a powerful healing in the life of a young Missionary, CF when He delivered her from a rare medical condition called Neurosarcoidosis.    In her situation she had a direct encounter with God, the Mighty Healer.  Missionary CF gave her heart to the Lord in 1975 […]

Is Jesus the Messiah?

Many of the Old Testament prophets prophesied about the coming Messiah.  The 53rd chapter of Isaiah continues to tell the story of the “Suffering Savior.”  It presents Jesus as one who grew up before God like a plant.  Because he did not meet the criteria for what the people considered to be majestic, he was […]

The Ten Stages of Christ’s Suffering: Part 5

Stage 9:  Why hast thou forsaken me?     There was darkness throughout the land from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. on the day of Christ’s death. At this point,  Jesus was experiencing the most intense spiritual and emotional pain of the Calvary’s Cross experience.  Back in the Garden of Gethsemane, the anticipation of this […]

The Ten Stages of Christ’s Suffering: Part 4

 Stage 7. They crucified Him Let us close our eyes and attempt to imagine some small portion of the pain, torture, and torment that our Savior experienced for us. ur hearts should wail in praise, admiration, and appreciation for His sacrifice.  How can any man, woman, or child come to a complete understanding of what […]

The Ten Stages of Christ’s Suffering: Part 3

The third part of the series, The Ten Stages of Christ’s Suffering Stage 5: A scarlet robe and a crown of thorns After the horrific beating that Jesus endured, He was placed in the middle of a group of Roman soldiers who took Him into the Praetorium, the open courtyard or judgment hall.  Then, as […]

The Ten Stages of Christ’s Suffering: Part 2

This is the second part of the series, The Ten Stages of Christ’s Suffering. Stage 3.  Judas Repented, but not to God. Jesus was taken the following day to Pontius Pilate to be interrogated.  He was exhausted and battered from His experiences the night before.  His friend and disciple Peter denied him three times.  When […]