Salvation Through Repentance

Podcast added:  2/20/2020 Tonight, I am going to speak to you for a few minutes on the topic of salvation through repentance. So, what exactly is repentance? Repentance is being godly sorry for one’s sins. It is an actual turning away from one’s old sinful behavior, taking a 180-degree turn and intending never to be […]

And the Heavens Opened…

Prefer to listen to the audio version?  Click the player above. In the Book of Acts, we find Stephen, the church’s first martyr or man to die for his Christian beliefs.  His story and firm determination to witness for Christ are outlined in the 7th chapter of Acts.  From his actions, we can surmise that […]

Happy Father’s Day!

May God bless all of the fathers on this special day. I have an outstanding miracle to share from a young man from my church who refused to believe that his Dad was dead following a massive heart attack. God is still performing miracles today. Testimony by TJ It is Father’s Day tomorrow… I can […]