May God bless all of the fathers on this special day. I have an outstanding miracle to share from a young man from my church who refused to believe that his Dad was dead following a massive heart attack. God is still performing miracles today.

Testimony by TJ

It is Father’s Day tomorrow… I can remember the night, it was a Wednesday night getting the call that my dad had passed away… I remember getting in my car and flying down the highway to Colorado Springs and arriving at a hospital with a huge waiting room full of people mourning our families loss and seeing my brothers on the ground crying from the news… I asked where he was . They walked me back to his room where my dad laid after having a massive heart attack behind the wheel of a car. He was declared Dead on arrival… BUT GOD!!! I walked in his room and the nurse said he’s on life support which is causing his heart to flutter but there is no way he’s alive….BUT GOD, I knew who was the giver of life and I knew how to reach him! As I stood there and touched my dad and began to pray and I left out of the room to be with my mom and brothers… long story short MY DAD IS ALIVE TODAY!

Love your Dads and be grateful to God if they are still with you.

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