Greetings. Hello world! Welcome to Alfreda’s Book
Corner. I will be talking about writing inspirational material and about the
books that I have written over the past years. I’ll tell you how they came to
be and what I hope or hoped to accomplish by writing them. The books that I
have published to date are: Strolling Through a Rose Garden Called Life
(published in 1994); The Night Death Came Creeping In My Room (2004); The
Little Boy In Blue (2009) and a re-write of Strolling Through a Rose Garden
Called Life (published in 2011). I am very excited about the writing process
and hope you will also share your writing experiences as we go. During our
discussions you will learn about my hope in Christ and my absolutely unerringly
straightforward desire to do His perfect will. I’ll begin this first day with a
little of my history and my salvation testimony. I think that it is important
for you to understand my story in order for you to understand my books.

My Salvation Testimony. I was raised in the Island city of Galveston, Texas by my
Grandmother. I had three brothers and one little sister. My parents were both
very much a part of our lives but our grandparents were the ones who actually
raised us from the time that I was about three years of age through age 18. My
grandmother loved God and required that we attend Sunday School and church.
Church attendance was therefore a very important part of my life. When I grew
up and went away to college I attended church but only when I “felt like
it”. Often young adults try to find a “new” way of life and may
even choose to stop serving God. In my twenties, however, an interesting thing
started to happen. A longing started in my heart that I could not explain. I
became sad, depressed and very restless. I felt that my need was “of a spiritual
nature” but I didn’t know what to do with the “pull” that
I felt. Although I was attending a local church, I felt that the pull was more
than church attendance. I started an active search for God by going from one
church to another. And then I got my answer. My best friend went to a church in
Dallas named Full Gospel Holy Temple, where she was saved, sanctified and filled
with the Holy Ghost. I went to the church with her and in 1975 God saved me and
filled me with the Holy Ghost. All searching and longing was resolved. I found
that my soul loved.

How writing became a part of my
In holiness we often hear and experience tremendous miracles from God. During a testimony service, one of the
Saints told about a miracle of healing that she experienced. It sounded so
great that I decided that I also wanted a miracle of healing. It didn’t occur
to me that a miracle of healing comes after sickness. One morning I woke up and
my eye was swollen. It was not painful, there was no tearing, no redness or any
evidence of a medical issue…other than the fact that it was swollen. I
interpreted this as simply my opportunity to exhibit enough faith in God that He
would heal my eye. I was in no way opposed to seeking medical attention, but I
chose to simply pray and wait for my miracle of healing. After several days,
however, my co-workers began to be disturbed about my eye. They could not
understand why I would allow the condition to persist. Several of them had a
meeting in the Staff Lounge and decided to send a representative to my office
to find out why I was acting in this “unusual” way. I invited the
representative in and explained what I was believing that God would do for me.
Needless to say, she did not understand and quickly left my office. She said
that she would tell the others that it was a “personal” thing. I
thanked my co-workers for their concern, but it also made me aware hat I needed
to be more active in my faith. I made up my mind that I would take a day off
from work and dedicate the entire day to seeking God about my eye. My husband
went to work and my child went to Day Care. I put pillows in my closet and I was
fully prepared to stay in the closet until I heard from God. I was in the
closet for only a very few minutes when the presence of God filled my closet. I
was overwhelmed with a sense of joy and a great anointing. I literally rolled
out of the closet. When I came to myself, God spoke to me and told me to get a
pen and paper. I began to write and wrote seven poems within a very few
minutes. I was a good student in school but had never written like this in the
past. God had given me a gift of writing! I went into the closet to pray about
my eye and came out with a gift from God. Within a very short time my eye went
down, so I got my gift of healing as well. From that day to this writing has
been a part of my life.

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