Where Saints Spend Eternity (Ps. 37:27)

GM Everyone.  I have been asked on more than one occasion where the saints will live following the Millenium, where the natural people will come from that will inhabit the earth and other questions along these lines.  I researched the questions and came up with some thrilling and exciting information.  The Dakes Bible (Psalms Notes, […]

The Consequences of Wrongful Living – The Continuing Rise of STD’s Among Our Young People Part I

  Statements that Holiness preachers frequently hear from those who live a life of sin are, “You’re judging me!”; “Leave me alone.”  “Only God can judge me.”  Of course, the first statement is wrong because sin is already judged by God.  Ministers are simply the messengers trying to help sinners avoid the Lake of fire […]

Part II – The Consequences of Wrongful Living: The Continuing Rise of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Our Young People

Today’s post is second part of a II Part series.  The best resource for this presentation is the website of the Centers for Disease Control:  WWW.CDC.gov.  In addition, I found a book by Anita Nelson, M.D. and JoAnn Woodward, RNC, BSN, NP, entitled Sexually Transmitted Diseases A Practical Guide for Primary Care most helpful.  Information […]