Good morning everyone. I know I certainly got your attention with that title for a post, didn’t I? Well, hopefully, this post will help on three levels. First, it is addressed to the man contemplating stepping out on God and his wife and going after a woman who is not his wife. Next, it is addressed to the woman who is acting like the whorish woman of Prov. 6:26. Finally, it is hoped that this post encourages both lady and male ministers to obey God and preach what He says to preach. We always have to trust God for the outcome anyway.

First, let’s look at one of the scriptures in the Bible that addresses the issues of the whorish woman. Proverbs 6:26 says

For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.

There are several interpretations of the first portion of this Scripture. Still, one commentary clarifies that going into a prostitute can bring a man to poverty (Dakes’s). The second portion of this same Scripture talks about the adulteress who either is looking for a better life for herself or looking for the kind of man who is exalted or at a higher position in life than herself. In either case, the person is not her husband.

A word to the whorish and or adulterous woman

Merriam Webster defines a whore as a woman who engages in sexual acts for money or one who has unlawful sexual intercourse as a prostitute. An adulteress is a woman who is married and commits adultery. It is voluntary sexual intercourse between herself and someone other than her current spouse.

The whorish woman or the adulteress has no esteem for herself or God. She either is not aware of (really?) or has no regard that there are severe consequences for the sin in which she is involved. Her soul is headed for the Lake of Fire. We don’t need to discuss that low-level life activities such as drugs, alcohol, disease, evil and physical abuse are all associated with prostitution, do we?

The woman living this lifestyle must get saved and turn her life around before it is too late for her. If not, she will die, then lift her eyes in Hell. And for the foolish young “church girl” (or older woman) who thinks she can have unlawful sex (and it’s all unlawful if it’s not according to God’s Law of Marriage) and still be saved, the answer is Oh. No. Not. So.

And here’s a spoiler alert: a boyfriend or fiancé is NOT YOUR HUSBAND. Stop all that before you’re legally married. Don’t be the whore or adulteress identified in Prov. 6:26.

A Word to Godly Men who are being pushed by Satan to get involved with a whorish woman

Sir, you already know that what you are considering is wrong. Whether contemplating involvement with a whorish woman or anyone other than your wife, God will not hold you blameless. If you are married, she is not worth the destruction of your home, your children, or your own life. And that does not even mention the fact that God sits high and looks low. Remember, God misses nothing. For those who are or have been involved: repent quickly and get right with God. It’s a matter of life and death.

A Word to encourage Lady Ministers (as well as Male ministers) to preach what God says for us to preach

Early in my ministry, even before I knew that God had called me as a Prophetess, I was invited to speak at a meeting that involved several different churches of different denominations.

I felt very honored as I started to prepare my message. I was told to speak about women from the Bible. The choice of how many or which ones to present was up to me. I thought about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Deborah, the courageous woman of God, Anna, and several others that seemed befitting such an occasion.

But as I began to seek God about which one He wanted me to present and which topic I should choose, the only name I heard was the Whorish Woman of Prov. 6:26. I was like, What! Oh, No. Really? I knew that that would not be what the ladies wanted to hear at their event. For a couple of weeks, I struggled with my presentation but finally realized that I had to obey God. This was a test for me, and I certainly did not want to fail.

The night of the event

The night of the event came, and the pulpit was loaded with male Pastors. The ladies from several churches were there; all dressed to the nines. And there I was, shaking in my shoes, knowing that the message that I had was not at all what they wanted or expected. My topic: A Whorish Woman Will Bring You to a Piece of Bread.

Shaking in my shoes but determined

I shook on up to the rostrum and delivered the word that God gave me. You could have heard a pin drop in that Sanctuary. The stares of unbelief and the icy cold atmosphere of the room was almost palpable. I finished my message with as much power as I could muster and took my seat. I felt about two inches tall during the reception that followed the event. Everyone was cordial, but the ice in the room was still there.

God revealed His purpose.

As I stood against the wall thinking about an appropriate time to ease out of the gathering, one of the Pastors came up beside me and whispered, “Miss, I thank God for that message”. He repeated it several times, and as he shook my hand, our eyes connected, and I knew that he was trying to tell me that the message was a warning for him.

A sigh of relief

Oh, my goodness! Suddenly I realized that God sent that “strange” message as a warning for one of His ministers. And he had used me to deliver the word just for him. Suddenly it did not matter what everyone else in the room thought of my message. I stood up a little taller and realized that I had passed a test. Most importantly, a man’s life was possibly saved from shame or destruction, and God was pleased with me.

Fellow Men and Women of God, we are God’s Ministers, and despite whether or not others receive the message that God sends, our responsibility is to God, and we must obey Him.

Take that step of faith.

Let’s step out on faith and do what God tells us to do. Kinda’ like this post. Wonder who this word is for. Hmmm. May God bless us all.


  1. Wow.

    Been battling with this since the collapse of my marriage. Men want you but they don’t want to do it the Godly way. I promise you I always pray for God’s enlightenment about each case cause they kinda like differ but His Word is always the same.

    Thank you!

    1. May God bless you as you continue to live as God requires. He tells us in 1 Peter 1:16 to “be ye holy as I am holy”. Following His Will and His Way is the only way so we forget about what men have to say. Be encouraged. God Loves you and He knows all circumstances. Heaven is the prize for a holy life.

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