Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #12:   A New Heaven and A New Earth

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #11:   The Great White Throne Judgment

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #7:   The Mark of the Beast

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #10:   The Millennium

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #9:   The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #8:  The Battle of Armageddon

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #6: Tribulation Period Witnesses

Key Unfulfilled Prophecy #5:   Abomination of Desolation

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #4: The Middle East Peace Treaty

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #3: The Appearance of the Antichrist

Key Unfulfilled Bible Prophecy #2: The Tribulation


Twelve Key Unfulfilled Prophecies of the Bible and Their Relevance for Us Today  The  Rapture


Resurrection Sunday

An Invitation to Salvation through Repentance

Saints of God, We Must Pray for Our Leader

Praying in Faith, Believing

Saints, It’s Praying Time

They Got What They Wanted, But They Lost What They Had

“Follow Me”

Private: FGHT Message Preached on Sunday Night 2/9/2020 entitled Jesus Christ is Lord


Private: Happy Birthday Wishes to Our Mother in the Gospel, Dr. Shirley Murray


Private: A Birthday Tribute to Our Pastor, Apostle Herman L. Murray, Jr.


If He Did It Once, He’ll Do It Again. And, If He Did It for One He’ll Do It for Another

Which Type of Soil Best Represents You? Parable of the Soils Part 2

Which Type of Soil Best Represents You? Parable of the Soils Part 1

Do You Now Believe?

The Glory of Heaven vs. The Horrors of Hell

A Heartfelt “Thank You” Goes a Long Way

Apostle Paul and His Mars’ Hill Message

God Not Only Looks at Our Actions, but Our Motives as Well

Lights in a Sin-darkened World

The Scene Behind the Scene of Halloween

Depressed, Hopeless, and Unmarried Mother of Five, Changed by the Power of God.

The Called and The Chosen

Warning to Saints and Potential Backsliders: Stay With God!

The Power of “No”!

Salvation Through Repentance

And the Heavens Opened…

Happy Father’s Day!

For The Love of Money

Suicide Is Not An Option… If You Want to Go to Heaven

Deliverance From a Suicidal Spirit

Excuses, What is Your Excuse?

Sin:  The Original Source of Sickness and Death

Happy Resurrection Sunday, 2019.  Jesus Lives!

Yes, I Cut Him Off, but…I Raised Him UP!

It Was Just a Huge Misunderstanding. But Don’t Let a Misunderstanding Destroy Your Family

We Must Keep Doing What God Called Us to Do

“Do You Really Know God the Father?”

Seven Supernatural Events that Happen When You Get Saved

“I Cut Him Off” A Prophetic Dream

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Introduction to Apostle Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians

Friends and Friendship

The Whorish Woman of Proverbs 6:26

Choose The Path of Holiness in The Year 2019

Highway of Holiness

God Is A Cancer Killer!

Let’s Be Ready When Jesus Comes

Sick and Tired? Need a change? God can.

The Principle of Sowing and Reaping from the Book of Galatians

Beloved, Why Not Forget About Trying to Become a “Black Jew” and Focus on Being Saved?

The Word of God is Under Attack

My “Hallelujah” and My “Thank You Jesus” Belong to God

Jesus is Coming Back Again.

Dead Woman Walking…in Christ

I’m Lifting Up Jesus

The Case for Parental Discipline

Love – The Cure for Fruitlessness. (Not Bearing Fruit?  Let’s Check Our Love Quotient)

From The Cross to A Crown

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Father, Teach Me to Forgive

Will it Take a Hearse to Get You to Church?

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done…

A Divided House Cannot Stand

God is Still in the Healing Business

A Testimony of a Life-Changing Experience with God

The Sheep and Goats Judgment  (Judgment of the Gentile Nations) Matthew 25: 31-46 (KJV)

Eternal Life is Worth It All

The Parable of the Tares of the Field

The Great Tribulation (Matthew 24: 15-28 KJV) Part II

 The Great Tribulation (Matthew 24: 15-28 KJV)

A Testimony of Deliverance from the Past, the Power of the Enemy, and Thoughts of Suicide.

God Can Deliver You from an Addiction to Drugs

The Parable of the Talents

Build Your Marriage on a Sure Foundation

Sacrifices and Submission:   What Are You Willing to Walk Away From That You Might Obtain Christ?

Distractions and Diversions

A Devotional Based on the Parable of the Two Sons found in Matthew 21:  28-31

Parents, Forgive Your Children

The Power of Parables 

America, Are We Running on a Broken Leg?

Just Get in the Boat!

In All Thy Ways Acknowledge Him, And He Shall Direct Your Path ( Proverbs 3:6)

The Wages of Sin is Death

Your Time is Ticking Away

The Love of God

Sounding The  Alarm

Please! Step Away from the Trap Door!

There Are No “Do-overs” after Death

Holiness Saved My Life: A Testimony of Deliverance from an Addiction to Cigarettes

That Pie in the Sky, By and By

He May Not Come When You Want Him ,but He’s Right On Time

The World is Ever Changing, but Jesus Christ Will Never Change

Hell: The Never-Ending Nightmare

Don’t Let It Be Said, “Too Late”

Gentiles, Jesus is Our Only Hope

Second Warning: There Really is a High Cost for Disobeying God

Warning: There is a High Cost for Disobeying God

God’s Key Unfulfilled Prophecies-Unlocked

The Golden Rain Cloud-A Prophetic Vision Following a Three-Day Consecration

A Voice for the “One-Inch Puppies” – A Prophetic Dream

All You Have To Do is “A-S-K” (If you Are A Child of God)

It’s 2016. Do You Need Jesus To Do It All Over Again?

It’s 2016. Do You Need Jesus To Do It All Over Again?

See the fireworks I created by blogging on WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

God’s Treasure Trove

The Light Across My Path Part II

The Light Across My Path

Don’t Get It Twisted, Mister

Searching the Scriptures: Are There Nine Dispensations or Seven?

A Follow-Up to …And We Looked Up and Saw Death Hanging in the Sky”

“…And we Looked Up and Saw Death Hanging in the Sky”

The Runaway Train Of Deception Is Picking Up Speed

Jesus Loves You!

Need Your Needs Met? All You Have to do is A-S-K!

“Have You Believed the Report? If You Believe It, Then Act on It”

Killing the Green-eyed Demon of Jealousy in the Church

Saints, It’s Time to Pray as Daniel Prayed

God’s Plan of Salvation

Now That the Alarm Has Sounded, What’s Next?


A Glimmer of Hope for America

“Lord, I Need a Breakthrough! ”

Where Saints Spend Eternity (Ps. 37:27 KJV)

The Consequences of Wrongful Living – The Continuing Rise of STD’s Among Our Young People Part I

Part II – The Consequences of Wrongful Living: The Continuing Rise of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Our Young People

The Story of Jonah and Our God of Mercy

The Death Grip of Sin: Are You Holding Onto It, or Does It Have a Hold On You?

Judge Yourself

God’s Plan of Salvation

Prophetic Dream-No. 1: “The Way Up is Down…On Your Knees”

Be Encouraged Older Saints of God; God Is Not Finished with Us Yet.

The Importance of Faithfulness to the House of God

The Little Boy in Blue

Is It Judging When Holiness Preachers and Teachers Tell Sinners the Truth?

A Glimmer of Hope for America

I’m Going to Let My Little Light Shine

“The Prophetic Ministry” Based on 1 Corinthians Chapter 13

If We Pray, God Will Pardon: The Importance of Intercessory Prayer

Signs and Symptoms of an Official Backslider

“Tell Me Where You Came From and I Will Tell You Where You’re Going”

Highway of Holiness

There’s a Storm Coming!

Do You Now Believe?

There is Power in the Name of Jesus!

“Backslider, You Can Come Home Again-The Parable of the Prodigal Son”

The Root of Your Anger Just May Be Pride

The Story of Jonah and Our God of Mercy

Understanding the Concept of Christian Submission

Jesus Loves You!

“Judge Yourself”

Jesus asks: “Do You Need Me To Do It Over Again”?

The Promise, Purpose, and Power of the Holy Ghost

“Don’t Worry About It – Just Pray About It”

You Don’t Have the Holy Ghost Until You Receive the Holy Ghost

For Every Problem That You Face, God Has the Solution…

Have YOU Believed the Report?

Sounding the Alarm: Judgment Day is Coming!

I’m Going to Let My Little Light Shine

It’s Not How We Start but How We End That Matters

What Love’s All About

The Holy Ghost Makes the Difference

Beating Back the “Dogs”

Since God Forgave You, Why Can’t You Forgive?

The Little Boy in Blue – Free Learns About Life After Death

Hello World!