Greetings.   I am Alfreda Lockett Evans.  I am an Evangelist, Prophetess, and a Sunday School Teacher for young adults.  I am also a retired RN (54 years as a Nurse) and a Street Preacher. 

I was given the gift of writing miraculously, and I use the written word to convey the message, “Jesus Christ is soon to come.  Be ye also ready!” 

This blog’s purpose is to attempt to answer the great commission:  Mark 16:15   And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (KJV). 

The Late Great Apostle Lobias Murray of Dallas, Texas, once said, “The printed word can get into places that you may never go.”  I believe that and am attempting to send the message of Jesus Christ as far and as wide as possible.  

This blog began in 2011

To date (2021), this blog has had over 66,000 views, has been visited by readers from 190 of the 195 official countries globally and is composed of  around198 posts.  To God be the glory!

The blog consists mainly of messages God has given me, preached in Nursing Homes and in open-air Street Services.  Included in the blog are also several outstanding miracles or note-worthy deliverance testimonies from members at my church. Examples are healings, deliverance from sin, and deliverance from a spirit of suicide. One testimony gives an account of a man that God delivered from death when his son prayed. (See:  Happy Father’s Day!)   All of the testimonies are from members of my church.

Recently (2020), I have begun embedding podcasts into some of the posts.  Since many of my posts tend to be longer, the podcasts appear to make it easier for some readers to enjoy.  The podcasts are also available separately from the blog through Apple Podcasts, Google, and Buzzsprout.  They can be found by typing in Alfreda Evans’ Podcasts.

My Salvation Testimony

I was raised in the Island city of Galveston, Texas, by my Grandmother and Grandfather. I had three brothers who are now in Heaven and one little sister who is also a Missionary and Prophetess. My parents were both very much a part of our lives, but our grandparents actually raised us from the time that I was about three years of age through age 18. My grandmother loved God and required that we attend Sunday School and church.  Church attendance was, therefore, a significant part of my early life.

My college years

When I grew up and went away to college, I attended church but only when I “felt like it.”   Often young adults try to find a “new” way of life and may even choose to stop serving God when they grow up.

In my twenties, however, an interesting thing started to happen. A longing started in my heart that I could not explain. I  became sad, depressed, and very restless. I felt that my need was “of a spiritual nature,” but I didn’t know what to do with the “pull” that I felt.


I was saved in November 1974 when a doctoral student studying the Bible with us in our home asked me an important question.  He asked me if I knew that I would go to Heaven when I died.  I did not know how to answer him, so my response was to become angry and end the Bible Study with him.  After he left, though, I was under great conviction.  I repented of my sins and gave my heart to the Lord that very night.

My first “seer” experience

Although I was attending a local church, I felt that the “pull”  was more than a need for church attendance. I started an active search for God by going from one church to another and from one Bible Study group to another.

And then, one day, something happened that changed my life. My third brother was involved in an automobile accident and became a quadriplegic.  My pursuit of God changed from looking for an answer to the longing in my heart to looking for deliverance for him.

Around this time, I had a unique “seer” experience” and was sent to the church where I am today.  (Please read about my first “seer” experience and how I received my answer from God in the post And the Heavens Opened…).

My best friend found us a church

My best friend was invited to a church in Dallas, TX.  It was Full Gospel Holy Temple, where she was saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. I went to the church with her, and in March of 1975, God filled me with the Holy Ghost. All searching and longing were resolved. I found that which my soul had been searching for.

I am still a member of FGHT after  46 years.  Many of my family members have preceded me into Heaven. God allowed me to witness to the majority of them during their lifetime.  What a blessing to know that so many of my family members are awaiting me in Heaven.

My church leaders

My current leaders are the Pastor and Overseer, Apostle H. L. Murray, Jr., and Lady Daniele Murray.  Dr. Shirley Murray and the Late Apostle Lobias Murray founded our church, and their influence continues to be vital in our continued church growth. We are located at 39727 LBJ Freeway in the southwest sector of Dallas, TX.  (For further information about the church, visit the website at http://www.FGHT. org.)

I am eternally grateful to the Late Apostle Lobias and Dr. Shirley Murray for shaping and molding my life in Holiness.  In addition, my current Pastor is a wonderful man of God who teaches and preaches “Holiness plus nothing!” How blessed I am by Almighty God to have had two great Apostles as Pastor.

How writing became a part of my life

In Holiness, we often hear and experience great miracles from God. During a testimony service, one of the Saints told about a gift of healing that she experienced. I was a brand-new saint of God, and it sounded so great that I decided that I also wanted a miracle of healing. It didn’t occur to me that a gift of healing comes after sickness or injury.

The “eye” experience

One morning I woke up, and my right eye was swollen. It was not painful; there was no tearing, no redness, or evidence of a medical issue…other than the fact that it was swollen. I interpreted this as merely my opportunity to exhibit enough faith in God that He would heal my eye. I was not at all opposed to seeking medical attention because, after all, I had been a professional nurse at this point for over eight years.  But I chose to simply pray and wait for my miracle of healing.

A “personal” thing

I was an Assistant Professor of Nursing at a local School of Nursing, surrounded by other Nursing faculty.  After several days, as one might imagine, my co-workers began to be disturbed about my eye. They could not understand why I would allow the condition to persist. Several of them had a meeting in the Staff Lounge and decided to send a representative to my office to discover why I was acting in this “unusual” way.

I invited the representative in and explained what I believed that God would do for me.  Needless to say, she did not understand and quickly left my office. She said that she would tell the others that it was a “personal” thing. I thanked my co-workers for their concern, but it also made me aware that I needed to be more active in my faith if I expected a healing miracle.

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.  Jer. 29:13 (KJV)

I decided that I would take a day off from work and dedicate the entire day to seeking God about my eye. My husband took my child to Day Care, and he went to work.   I put pillows in my closet, and I was fully prepared to stay in the closet all day until I heard from God.

I was in my closet for only a very few minutes when the Presence of God filled my closet. I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy and great anointing. I literally rolled out of my bedroom closet under the Power of God.

When I came to myself…

When I came to myself, God spoke to me and told me to get a pen and paper. I began to write and wrote seven poems within a very few minutes. I was a good student in school but had never written like this in the past. God had given me a gift of writing! I went into the closet to pray about my eye and came out with a gift from God.

Within a brief time following that experience, my eye went down after my Pastor prayed for me. I was healed and blessed!  So, I got my gift of writing and got healed as well. From that day to this, writing has been a part of my life.

Still writing

I have published three books, and this blog has been read in approximately 190 countries.  I plan to keep writing as long as God gives me the strength and the leave to do so.

Please feel free to comment, share, or like any of the posts. Also, you may follow me to receive notifications of new postings. Simply scroll to the bottom of any position, and you will find the box entitled “Follow Me.”  When you fill in your e-mail address, WordPress automatically informs you of all new postings.  I love you in the Lord because you are God’s child.

If you would like to communicate with me, leave a comment on any post, and I will make it happen.  May God bless you all.  #found purpose#love writing. 

This post will open up the other approximately 198 posts that are available to you through WordPress.  It is my prayer that when I get to Heaven and Jesus asks me, “Where are the souls that I intended to be saved under your ministry?” there will be some of you who will raise your hands and say, “Me Lord, I’m one of them!” 

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