Whether your lifestyle is that of drugs, alcohol, womanizing, clubbing, self-righteousness or whatever is not pleasing to God, He is able to set you free.  Listen to this young man’s testimony of deliverance.

E. L.’s Testimony

Growing up in church I knew of God, but didn’t know God. I knew how to be “churchy”, but was not a part of the church. I ended up diving deeply into a lifestyle and for the longest I couldn’t see my way out of that lifestyle. Even after the Lord saved me, and filled me with the Holy Ghost back in 2016 I still went back into that lifestyle. I felt very helpless, useless, and could not see my way out of the dark place I was in. Many days I would sit and cry because I just wanted to change. I felt as if God was done and gave up on me due to the way some people treated me. Many times, I would try to stop in my own doing, and found myself several days later doing the same thing I promised God I wouldn’t do anymore. I started to question if it was even worth trying because every time I tried I never followed through on my promise. It’s wasn’t until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired…  I remember talking to my now mentor on the phone and I was tired, hurt, weary, weary and just wanted to be free. That night on the phone with my mentor, in my prayer closet, she began to tell me to cry out to God. I reached out and began to cry. My mentor said, “God said He wants another yes from the inside”. At that moment I let go of everything that was holding and hindering me from getting through to God. God stepped in and started changing my language and I started speaking in tongues. God spoke and told me He was burning up the bridge from my past and that I would no longer be able to get back across that bridge. He said that He loved me and that He will be there even until the end of the earth. God made me feel special and opened my eyes to what I was in search of. The love and happiness I was searching for in the world was found over in God in the Holy Ghost. Never have I ever been loved like the way God loves me. His love is real and His grace is sufficient.  And if He delivered me I know He is able to deliver anyone from anything.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. At one point recently, I thought God had given up on me. Like you, God has not given up on me. God said in the bible that He wants all of us to turn to Him and have life eternal with Him. I come in agreement with Him and I accept through the Lord Jesus, the Christ! I will dwell with Him in paradise, and stop beating myself up over sin; however, I will not taken it easy on sin! It must go and stay gone!

    Also, when you mentor told you to cry out to God, it fazed me. It made me think really hard whether I had really done that before. Had I cried out for God when struggling in life and fighting my own sin? After some thought, yes… I have cried out to him more than once and with tears. Sometime the hurt from sin is so great on the inside, and then the Holy Spirit comes and comforts me. I thank God, in the name of the Lord Jesus.

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