This post today is a “hot-off-the-press” prophetic experience.  At 5:30 A.M. this morning I was in my prayer room (spare bedroom) talking to the Lord when I fell into a dream.  In the dream I was at my church, FGHT in Dallas, TX.  As the evening service was about to begin, my natural brother, Willie, (who is already in heaven) BTW.  You know how dreams are) began to have difficulties.  He was in the pulpit when he went into cardiac arrest.  Individuals who were on the pulpit asked if anyone knew CPR.

As I ran to the pulpit one of the beautifully saved young sisters, “Bonnie” (not her real name), ran with me and said, “I’ll do it.”  I knelt beside her as she moved into position to do compressions.  Although my brother had no pulse, he began to speak to me from the spiritual realm.  He let me know that he was on the path to Heaven and he was excited.

So, in the dream, there was “Bonnie” who should have been able to do the natural act of compressions, while I,  a Prophetess, was able to look into the supernatural with him.  “Bonnie” knew CPR but she had never done them on a real person and was therefore hesitant.    Instead of performing CPR, she was praying but not compressing.  I said to her, ” ‘Bonnie’ this is no time to be afraid, it’s time to work!”  I scooted her into the best position, put her hands on his chest, and she began to do the work of chest compressions.  She was very efficient but just needed the encouragement to do what she was trained to do.

Re-focusing my attention, I went back to my brother and asked him, “What do you see?”  He said, “I’m at the gates now, and they are opening for me”.  I said, “You’re almost in.  Keep walking”.  As he was ready to enter, he cried out with despair.  “Wait!  They have stopped opening, and it looks like I’m not going to make it in!”  I said, “There must be some unrepentant sin in your life.  Cry out and mean it with all of your heart, Jesus, Save Me!  Forgive me, Lord”!  My brother began to cry out with fervor!  I asked, “Are the gates opening?  Call on the name of Jesus!”  He began to call fervently on the name of Jesus!  Jesus!  Jesus! Jesus!  Suddenly the gates swung open and he was able to run in.

During this entire experience, I was able to relate what was happening in the supernatural to the church and the Saints raised great praise to the Lord as my brother entered into the Kingdom of God.  “Bonnie” did her work in the natural with me serving as coach.  Her work kept him on earth long enough so that he was able to call on Jesus.  The Saints of the church were in intense prayer during the experience, and my brother was able to enter into the Kingdom.  What a dream!  What an experience!  What a praise that erupted as he ran into those gates!

And now for the interpretation.  Background:  In 1967, fifty years ago this June, I became a Registered Nurse, graduating from the UT School of Nursing as one of three black students.  I have been a part of my church for forty-two years and have been a member, and now President, of the Nurse’s Guild for the majority of those years.  As I am now seventy-two years of age, I had been talking to the Lord about possibly retiring from the Nurse’s Guild, concentrating instead on writing and other ministry aspects.  CPR classes would be beneficial at our church, but I questioned whether I needed to be involved.  What I heard from the Lord through this dream follows:

There is still a need for me to remain with the Nurse’s Guild.  The young are robust and willing, but inexperienced and occasionally need to be encouraged to do what they know to do.  Together the old and young can get the job done.

Since I am both a nurse and a minister, the roles can work simultaneously.  As a prophetess, I can let the church know what is happening in the supernatural realm, enhancing their ability to focus their prayers.  Because I was able to see into the supernatural, I was able to encourage my brother to press forward and, even during his final moments, help him into the Kingdom of God.

I’m grateful to God for answering my questions in such a dramatic way.  God still answers prayer.  All we have to do is ask Him anything that we need to know. We must remember Proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  



  1. The spiritual connection you had with your brother was a phenomenal experience. God is so wonderful and merciful! In these 49 years (50 years in December), I can truly say God is awesome and true. Continue to let God use you and bless you to help people naturally and spiritually.

    1. OK Teri, I get it. At first I thought that you were not aware of the fact that I was relating a dream. But what you were actually letting me know was that if the Lord allowed the character of the dream to be my natural brother we must have had a strong spiritual connection. Thank you for that because it actually helped me with another question that I had concerning my brother. God knows just who to send at just the right time. Thank you for your spiritual insight and may God continue to bless you with many more years of service for the Kingdom.

  2. This reading blessed my soul. I agree that you should continue to let the Lord use you naturally and spiritually. You are never too old that others can not benefit from your wisdom and knowledge. To God be the glory for what He is doing in your life.

    1. I really am enjoyed reading about your dream. I am on the nurses guild at my church. I am a CNA it has been a while since I have had any training. Don’t quite understand all that God is saying through your dream, but you have definitely encouraged me in the short time I have known you. Thank you for your prayers, Love you.

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