On Tuesday night, 7/11/2023 around 9:45pm I had an interesting experience.  I was sitting in my usual spot in my church, waiting for my husband after our Tuesday night church service.  While I waited, a young man pulled up a chair beside me stating that he wanted to ask a question.  I said, “OK” and he asked, “How do I get Jesus?”  Now, without a little background information it might appear that this young man, who I will refer to as Tee, was simply asking me how he could be saved.  However, I knew that his question was so much deeper than that because of what I knew about him.  Let me introduce him to you.

Tee is the eldest child of three whose father is a powerful Evangelist at our church.  Tee’s father was born in Holiness to a wonderful Evangelist mother who has a dynamic testimony of deliverance.  Her service to the Kingdom is praying with people to receive the Holy Ghost and she has a  forty-five plus year history of salvation and dedication.

Tee’s maternal grandfather, grandmother and great grandmother are all established and long-time Saints of over 40 years of dedicated service.  His paternal grandfather is also an eloquent Evangelist.  Tee’s mother was raised in Holiness.  For a brief period of time, she ventured into the world, but after several years, returned to God with a vigor in the spirit that is phenomenal.  She is also now an Evangelist.  So, with this history, we see that Tee has a solid background in Holiness.

When Tee’s mother returned to the Lord he was also saved.  Tee is an articulate and intelligent young man who recently graduated from High School.  A short time ago, Tee answered his call to ministry and is active in our church’s Evangelistic Outpour, a service in which a group of evangelists preach short messages three Sundays each month.

And now, to bring Tee closer to Tuesday night’s event and the question that he asked me, let’s go to Sunday night service on 7/9/2023.  On the first Sunday night of each month the youth of the church are responsible for the service.  On this night Tee was the featured minister and he preached his first official Sunday night message.  As this young man yielded his will to the Will of the Lord, we had a “Holy Ghost Takeover”.  In case you don’t know what that is, you can view that Full Gospel Holy Temple Dallas Church service on You Tube.   I glanced at the faces of Tee’s family as he ministered and they appeared ecstatic about the way God was using their son.

And that brings us up to July 11, 2023, two days following the message that Tee preached.  He is sitting beside me, asking how he can “get Jesus”.  I knew that his question was so much deeper than a salvation question by the depth of the hunger and thirst after righteousness in his voice.  His desire for the more of God was almost palpable.  As he sat beside me asking how he could draw even closer to God, I sat thinking, “Lord this young man is asking me this question.  How do I answer?”

I know that we must be very careful and balance encouragement of our young people with keeping them grounded.  We must help them, but not cause them to get what the older people would call “the big head” because  excessive zeal can actually kill them.  We must help them to be level-headed and stable.  They need to understand that God sometimes has a way of using us mightily, then putting us back on the shelf for a time so that our spirit is settled.  Pride can cause any of us to be heady and high-minded, and ultimately destroy us before we begin the work God has for us.  Also, older Saints must never get in God’s way.  With those thoughts in mind, I began to say several things to him.

I started to tell him about the importance of an orderly prayer life.  I spoke about my own dedicated time of aloneness with God.  I spoke about the need for good study Bibles and researching the Word of God.    I even spoke about the importance of memorizing Scriptures, which he already knew because I heard the Word of God flowing from him as he preached his first “official” message.  He already knew all that I said because of the excellence of our Minister’s Education classes at Full Gospel Holy Temple church in Dallas, TX and our Pastor’s teachings.  Tee actually has access to the same Ministry Education classes that I attend.  My answers felt so superficial and I knew that he was looking for something deeper.  Then, this is what hit the nail on the head.  I said, “During my quiet time with the Lord, I’m going to seek His face for an answer for you.”  I saw relief, joy and anticipation on his face as we parted.

I went to bed Tuesday night with his situation on my heart.  Just before opening my eyes from sleep Wednesday morning, still in that half-awake/half asleep phase when God occasionally gives me a vision, I saw a vision of this young Texan sitting astride a saddle, riding a mighty wind current.  His left hand was on the horn of the saddle and his right hand was lifted in praise.  This is the interpretation that God gave to me:


Tee, in order to “get Jesus” as you asked, it will require a lifetime of dedication and service.  The wind current that you rode upon in my vision was God, the Holy Ghost.  The saddle that you sat upon was Jesus Christ.  Jesus wants you to know that He will never leave you or forsake you as long as you stay with Him.  20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.  (Matt. 28:20).  You will not ever have to “get Jesus” because Jesus has “got” you .

As you ride the wind it will take you on dips and turns in your life that will at times seem inconceivable…but stay in the saddle.   

The ride will take you to heights and depths that are incredible…but stay in the saddle.

You will discover things about yourself that you never knew.  As you ride, youthful zeal and hidden pockets of pride will fall away…just stay in the saddle.

Perfection will shine through as you soar.  Dedication and devotion will harden as you dip.  All you have to do is to stay in the saddle.

Dear son, as you allow the Holy Ghost to reign in your life, as you allow Him to have His perfect way,  and as God molds you, you will see that Jesus has “got you”.  As you continue to yield your life to God, hang onto to Matt. 28:20, remembering that Jesus will never leave you or forsake you.  You have no reason to fear where He is taking you.  Trust God’s process and be faithful to Him always.  I pray that God will allow me to see where He is taking you, Tee.  If He doesn’t, so be it.  I bow to His Holy Will. 

Well, Tee, you’ve saddled up now.  Hold on tight.  Now ride astride the wind!

I delivered this message to Tee on Wednesday afternoon 7/12/2023.  The message was confirmed by Tee in God’s own words.  He said that he was up at 4:00 a.m. in prayer on Wednesday morning and God spoke to him these words:

I’m always with you!!!


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  1. This is so beautiful and just like our God to give us answers when we ask them. I will be praying with Tee.

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