Jesus, Resurrection Sunday is your finest hour

The day You rose from the dead for me

God lifted the weight of the darkness of death

When He raised You in victory.


O death where now lies your sting?

O grave your victory?

For, arising from that tomb on the Resurrection morn

You set all earth and mankind ever free.


(O, would that Thief One on the cross had repented

As You set Thief Two eternally free.

O would that Judas Iscariot had repented to God

For sins he committed against Thee.)


But Jesus, when God raised you from the dead

When He set all our souls free

You earned all praise from mankind forever

We bow before You on bended knee.


We extol You, Dear Jesus, this Resurrection Sunday

As King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords

We lift hearts, hands, and voices in praise

To our Savior Redeemer, the Son of the Living God.


Evangelist Alfreda Lockett Evans





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