Two rough and heavy blocks of wood

Held our Savior fast.

Lifted high and stretched wide He was

Until He breathed His last.


Loved ones so sad to see Him go

So heavy the hearts of His friends

But what they didn’t realize was

He is coming back again.


He sacrificed His earthly life for us

Enduring sin’s weight ne’er foreknown.

In obedience to the will of His Father

He bore sin’s horrors without a groan.


Then, into the cold and dark He descended

Where Saints of Old did await.

He freed them from the Netherworld

And released them to Heavenly fate.


But O that third day morning He arose,

He burst forth from the grip of death.

His Heavenly Father had intervened

For He had passed Obedience’s test.


In Victory He arose from the dead

With keys to Death, Hell, and the Grave.

Because He was obedient to God His Father

Multiplied numbers upon numbers will be saved.


Who is this King of Glory?

This strong and mighty Man and God?

He is Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior

Whose salvation message we must spread abroad.


He will forever be known as the Lord of Lords

The Prophet, The Priest, and The King.

His glory, majesty, and honor

Will throughout eternity ring!


Happy Resurrection Sunday, 2019.  Jesus Lives!


  1. Freda, keep allowing the Lord to use you through the gifts that He has given you. You reminded us of the good news of the gospel in such a special way. Thank you for embracing your challenge of spreading the gospel.

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