Many people are totally unaware that God is very much involved in the lives of His people today.  The age of miracles is still here.  Following is a living testimony of a young woman who was recently healed of cancer by God Himself.  Our prayer is that your faith will be built to trust God for whatever you have need of.  Read on and be blessed.  ALE

                                  God is a Cancer Killer by G.O.                                                                                                                                                                                              In August of this year, 2018, God blessed me to go on a Cruise.   Two days into the cruise I was getting ready to head out.  While getting dressed I noticed a knot on my body.  I told my sister that was with me and we thought that I had gotten bitten by something.  We thought no more about it. 

After I got back home I noticed the knot was getting bigger so I called my doctor and made an appointment to be seen.   She told me she needed me to get a Sonogram.   I did that and when she got the results back it didn’t show anything.   She called back and told me that she needed me to get an MRI, which I did.  When the results for that came in she called me at work and told me I needed to get to her office that same day.  Right then it felt like my heart dropped to my stomach. But I told myself to get it together. My oldest daughter and I went in to see the doctor. 

The doctor came into the room and said, “I could have given you this news over the phone but I needed you to come into the office”.  She proceeded to tell me that the MRI showed that I had Sarcoma Cancer. I told her, “OK”.   She asked me if I was I ok.  I said, “Yes”.  Next, she asked my daughter the same question.  My daughter looked at her and said, “Yeah”.   The doctor told her, “I’m looking for an Oncologist that only deals with that type of cancer”.  I said, “OK”.  The doctor found a specialist and made an appointment for me to go and see him.   

When I went to see the specialist, he told me that the kind of Cancer I had was very rare and he needed to do a biopsy.  It took two weeks for him to call me back with the results.   When the results came, the doctor called and told me that the results were positive for Cancer.  I told him, “OK”.  He said he needed to talk to a colleague of his to see if I needed a pill to shrink the mass or to have two sessions of chemo.   In the meantime, he said I needed to do a full body CT.   I told him “OK”.  

I had gotten prayer the Sunday when we did a recognition of Cancer Awareness at Church.  That Sunday God moved like never before so I wasn’t worried or scared of the results I had gotten.  Not one time did I cry about it.  I went and had the CT as they recommended. 

A week a two ago I was sitting at my desk working on my lesson plan.  I had my phone on the desk and it rang.   The call was from my doctor.  When I answered she said, “Ms. O I’m calling to set up a day for surgery to remove the mass”.   I said, “Yes Ma’am”.  Then she said, “Before we do that let me tell you that you don’t have to take a pill and you don’t have to do chemo at all.  We got the results back from your CT scan AND IT SHOWS NO TRACE OF CANCER ANYWHERE IN YOUR BODY. WE ONLY NEED TO REMOVE THE MASS!  I couldn’t do anything but praise God!  I had to leave my desk, walk outside and just cry and give God all the praise I could give Him!

Anyone has come too late to try and convince me that God doesn’t work MIRACLES ANY MORE!  At first, I kept this testimony to myself and only told a select few because a lot of people would only be looking for negative things about me to go and spread.  But here’s something positive, a mighty Miracle that God has done for me. God is blowing my mind that the things that were supposed to bring me down have actually put me in a place to where I see God is elevating me. 

I pray that my testimony will be a blessing to someone that may be dealing with any type of illness. Just know that God is a healer and I know him to be a Cancer Killer!

What a powerful faith-building testimony.  This young woman is a member of my church, Full Gospel Holy Temple in Dallas TX.  Our Pastor is Apostle Herman L. Murray, Jr., his wife is Lady Daniele Murray, and our Founding Mother in the gospel is Dr. Shirley Murray.  We invite you to join us at 39727 LBJ Freeway (Hampton and Wheatland exit) in Dallas, TX 75237.  Come and expect a miracle.   Service dates and times, as well as other valuable information,  can be found on the website at  May God bless you.


  1. I am waiting for the big time.
    I understand the ways of God and know in due time He will be glorified. Miracles still happen!
    Belina Adhiambo Odawa has been diagnosed with cancer of the
    Cervix stage 4. Yet, we can’t wait to testify of her healing in the name of Jesus! Besides, she has kidney failure and is undergoing dialysis. On top of these, she has high blood pressure and diabetes. To crown it all, she has been managing HIV AIDS for the longest time I know. Belina is fighting other opportunistic diseases too. She is hospitalised at Kenyatta National Hospital in Kenya. I am sharing this information before her healing because I have made a vow to the Lord. When the healing process will be finalised, wait for the testimony!

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