Sacrifices and Submission:   What Are You Willing to Walk Away from that You Might Obtain Christ?

A Devotional Based on the Parable of the Rich Young Ruler (Read Matthew 19:16-30) In the 19th chapter of Matthew, a rich young man approached Jesus and questioned Him concerning what actions he needed to take to obtain eternal life.  When Jesus first advised the young man to keep the Commandments, he responded that he […]

The Wages of Sin is Death

         This title comes from Romans 6:23 (KJV) For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Embodied within that one scripture resides several key words.  Those words are wages, sin, death, gift, God, eternal life, Jesus Christ and Lord.  Let’s […]

The Death Grip of Sin: Are You Holding Onto It, or Does It Have a Hold On You?

Originally published:  11/14/2014    Updated:  2/26/2020 Sin is terrible. It can cause a mother to kill her child (as in abortion) or a father to cause his children to suffer (as in desertion and abandonment). It can cause an entire nation to fall (which is what will happen to our country if we do not […]

There is Power in the Name of Jesus!

Published 4/19/2013           Updated 08/17/2019 In the name of Jesus, In the name of Jesus, We have the victory. In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, Satan has got to flee. Who can, therefore, stand before us When we call on that great name? Jesus, Jesus, wonderful Savior we have […]

“Don’t Worry About It – Just Pray About It”

Originally written: 9/12/2012      Updated: 2/13/2020 Words of encouragement to new (and older) Saints. Today we are going to look at a universal problem among men and that is our tendency to worry.   Some people are just natural-born worriers.  They worry about everything.  And if they don’t have any cares to worry about they […]