“Do You Really Know God the Father?”

What we know about God is what He has revealed to us through His Word. Let’s talk for a few minutes about the importance of getting to know God, the Father, for who He is.  This writer in no way purports to know everything that there is to know about the true and living God, […]

The Parable of the Talents

(Read Matthew 25:14-30) Our Gifts and Callings Are Without Repentance The Parable of the Talents presents a man who gave talents to three of his servants, and  their use of the talents while the master was away.  Upon the master’s return two were rewarded for their wise use of their talents.   Unfortunately, the one […]

The Death Grip of Sin: Are You Holding onto It, or Does It Have a Hold on You? You

Sin is terrible.  It can cause a mother to kill her own child (as in abortion) or a father to cause his children to suffer (as in desertion and abandonment).  It can cause an entire nation to fall (which is what will happen to our country if we do not turn back to God) or […]

Be Encouraged Older Saints of God; God Is Not Finished with Us Yet.

This morning I had a wonderful quiet time with Jesus.  After prayer and intercession, and after putting the final touches upon the Sunday school lesson that I will be teaching on Sunday, I asked God for something personal.   I asked Him for a word from Him for me.  Although I know that He and He alone holds […]

“Tell Me Where You Came From and I Will Tell You Where You’re Going”

(What You Believe Concerning Evolution vs. Creation Matters) Thinking human beings want to know who we are and where we came from.  Young children inundate us with the “why” questions.  Why is the sky blue?  Why is grass green?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Parents often answer their kids’ questions about where we came from […]

The Root of Your Anger Just May Be Pride

Ephesians 4:26-27 (KJV) 26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: 27 Neither give place to the devil. Recently, I had an experience with an individual that left us both disturbed. I believe that we both want to resolve a difference of opinion that we had. I […]

The Story of Jonah and Our God of Mercy

The prophet Jonah was the son of Amittai and was from Gath-Heper, located a few miles north of Nazareth, which later became the childhood home of Jesus. Jonah was given clear instructions by God to go to the city of Nineveh and prophesy against them for their evil ways.  His first commission from God was found […]

Understanding the Concept of Christian Submission

                This week’s Sunday school lesson is a very interesting one.  The title, Family Relationships, does not give a clue that it reviews one of the most difficult concepts in the life of some Christians, which is the concept of submission.  At the very thought of the word, some people begin to visualize a dominant, overbearing […]