My “Hallelujah” and My “Thank You Jesus” Belong to God

A Testimony of Thankfulness from one who has this Treasure in an Earthen Vessel Forgive me for being a little teary tonight, but I just want to thank the Lord for my personal salvation.  When I think about the goodness of Jesus and all that He’s done for me, my soul cries, “Hallelujah!  Thank you, […]

Be Encouraged Older Saints of God; God Is Not Finished with Us Yet.

This morning I had a wonderful quiet time with Jesus.  After prayer and intercession, and after putting the final touches upon the Sunday school lesson that I will be teaching on Sunday, I asked God for something personal.   I asked Him for a word from Him for me.  Although I know that He and He alone holds […]

The Little Boy in Blue – Free Learns About Life After Death

Published 7/09/2011        Updated 7/15/2019 Hello everyone, Today I’d like to tell you “the story behind the story” of a book that I wrote entitled The Little Boy in Blue, published in 2009 by Guardian Books. This book is based on an actual supernatural experience that I had with God.  The Little Boy […]