The Consequences of Wrongful Living – The Continuing Rise of STD’s Among Our Young People Part I

  Statements that Holiness preachers frequently hear from those who live a life of sin are, “You’re judging me!”; “Leave me alone.”  “Only God can judge me”.  Of course the first statement is wrong because sin is already judged by God.  Ministers are simply the messengers who are trying to help sinners avoid the Lake of fire […]

God’s Plan of Salvation

-From “Free Bus Tickets to Heaven” (An Open Invitation to Salvation for my Family and Friends) by A L Evans. Good Morning everyone.  In many of my posts I have reviewed God’s Plan of Salvation.  However, we can never get enough of the good news of Jesus Christ, so here it is again.  if you are not […]

Sounding the Alarm: Judgment Day is Coming!

Sounding the Alarm:  Judgment Day is Coming! Published  04/15/2012                                     Updated 8/10/2019 Hebrews 9:27  says: It is appointed unto men once to die but after this, the judgment. The final portion of that Scripture is very important, and must […]