Every Christmas Season for the past 30 + years my friend, Sis. DP has written a Christmas poem and passed out hundreds to anyone who will receive it.  This year I would like to share her poem with you. It is entitled:  Try Jesus, He Satisfies.  Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas.

Try Jesus, He Satisfies

This Christmas try Jesus. He alone satisfies.

When friends and family disappoint you and you feel all alone,     

Try Jesus!

When the party is over and all the excitement is gone,                     

Try Jesus!

When your health is failing and you feel hopeless,                             

Try Jesus!

When death takes your family members and friends,                       

Try Jesus!

When you are misunderstood and don’t know what to do,               

Try Jesus!

When you don’t have a job or you lose the one you had,                   

Try Jesus!

When you are stressed out and no one seems to understand,         

Try Jesus!

When you have cried your heart out and no answer comes,           

Try Jesus!

When you hunger and thirst after righteousness,                              

Try Jesus!

Jesus cares for you. He feels your pains and your anguish like no other.

He promised to be there for you, more than friends, family, father or mother.

He will be there for you through thick and thin.

Through Him the victory you will win.

He alone knows the secrets of your heart.

He promised never to leave you, from you never to depart.

He will lift your heavy burdens; He will make your life brand new.

He just wants you to draw near to Him and He will see you through.  

He is the Bread of Life, the Living Water. Please don’t turn Him away.

He is soon to come. Won’t you accept Him in your life this very day?

Written November 5, 2018, by Evangelist DP, Member of Full Gospel Holy Temple Church

Location: 1-20 at the Hampton/Wheatland Exit, Dallas, TX.  Inspired by the Holy Ghost.

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