We all need the Holy Ghost!

Committed to Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Promise, Purpose and Power of the Holy Ghost

For some reason, the Holy Ghost seems to be one of the most misunderstood persons out of heaven. People seem to understand God, Jesus, even angels and devils, but when it comes to the Holy Ghost they freeze up.  But what you need to know is that the Holy Ghost is what we all need to live a life of holiness according to the mandates of the Bible.

According to Unger’s Bible Dictionary, holiness is a general term that indicates sanctity, or separation from all that is sinful, or impure, or morally imperfect. It means moral wholeness. It is also one of the central attributes of God. Through man’s disobedience to God’s commands, he lost the most important feature of God-his holiness. Sin absolutely destroyed holiness in man. Jesus’ death and ascension to Heaven made it possible for us to regain…

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