Tell a dream as a dream…

Committed to Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

shutterstock_94584643From time to time God will speak to me in a dream that I know is from Him.  We all have what I call “cornbread dreams”; those that happen because we ate too much or just because we are human.  There are other dreams that, though we know that they are sent from God, we might not have the full interpretation yet.  If God sent it, you will get what He means eventually.  I will only share those dreams that I clearly understand.  There are some dreams that God sends that are made as clear as day because He does the interpretation.  Dreams of this nature I will share in this Blog, especially if they have meaning for others as well as myself.    Someone needs to know that God is  real and that the prophetic ministry is alive and well today.  I share my life experiences here because someone needs to be told that God is active in the lives of His Saints.  Perhaps…

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