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The Holy Ghost Makes the Difference

Tonight, I want us to take a little trip through the Word of God.  We will be looking at the life of a man named Peter.  You might ask, “Now who was Peter and why would we be interested in his life?”  Well, in a sense, Peter was every man.  He had characteristics of many of our next door neighbors…and maybe even of …us.

Peter was a fisherman by trade.  He was known by several names in the Bible, including Simon, Simon Peter and, in Matt. 16: 17, Simon Barjona or Simon, Son of Jon.  Most of us love the Apostle Peter because in him we can see someone that we know.  Some of us can see ourselves in some of his antics.  Let’s take a look at Peter.

1. Sometimes he was both very brave and on other occasions, he was very afraid

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